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My own health journey began many years ago when I started experiencing mild health issues and found that I was able to address them simply by changing my food. I’ve been hooked on the connection between health & food ever since. As your Health Coach, I am your very own personal nutrition & health educator, cheerleader, and partner to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you want to kick sugar, increase energy or lose weight, I can help you get it done!

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Health Coaching

Whatever your health & wellness goals, be it weight loss, kicking the sugar habit, or getting healthy again while recovering from addiction, I will be your nutrition & health mentor, cheerleader, and partner. Together we will achieve the health goals you have always had for yourself.

Health Consulting & Training

Does your break room need a makeover to encourage a healthier work environment, healthier co-workers and less sick days? Would you like to provide presentations to your co-workers on health & wellness or motivational incentives for meeting health goals? Let me create a healthy, safe space in your office for all to thrive.

Breath Counting for Mindfulness

Breath Counting for Mindfulness

Breath counting for mindfulness and stress reduction is based on a zen meditation technique that is simple and highly effective in bringing us back to center, helping us to experience some balance and create a sense of inner peace. Breath counting can be done...

Healthy Holiday Treats & Tips

Healthy Holiday Treats & Tips

The struggle is real: We love our holiday baking traditions but we hate how unhealthy the recipes are. So how do we make it all a little more palatable, pardon the pun. To start, reduce the sugar In most quick bread and cookie recipes (even grandma’s sugar cookies)...

How to Give Your Immune System a Little Extra Love Right Now

How to Give Your Immune System a Little Extra Love Right Now

1. Don’t panic! Easy to say when all around you are losing their sh*t, right? So how do we stay calm? Start with 4 rounds of the 4 7 8 breath. Inhale for the count of 4, hold for count of 7, exhale for count of 8. Here’s a demonstration for you. (And please don’t do...


“I would call Erin the food whisperer. She knows every benefit of healing foods that can absolutely alter and change your body.  She helped me with eliminating migraines and helped my son with irritable bowel syndrome. Without being radical she will show you a step-by-step process that will help cure any ailments, any hormonal issues or any fatigue that you might be experiencing. It is way beyond just losing weight. She teaches you a way of eating that will absolutely change your life in miraculous ways. I wouldn’t walk, I would run to get her services.”


Barbara Jean Carey

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